My Story

I began my healing journey with alternative health care in 1997. Just out of undergraduate school, crippling anxiety coupled with unrelenting depression, frequent migraines, chronic sinus infections, poor digestion, and constant fatigue were making life almost unbearable. I initially sought help from our conventional Western medical system, and was met with an almost complete dismissal of my concerns. I was told “this is life and you should get used to it”. I knew that I had to find another way.

Unable to accept how awful I felt, I inquired about acupuncture, even though I knew nothing about it. Ironically, I was completely terrified of needles! Despite my fear and uncertainty however, I was desperate to feel better and somehow I knew there was a way to right all that felt wrong within myself. 

Once I started acupuncture, it didn’t take long to recognize the subtle ways in which I started to feel better. One by one my health complaints fell away. Dis-ease was replaced with freedom from anxiety and depression, clearer skin, stronger nails, and getting sick less frequently. My body would actually crave the acupuncture treatments!

Enthralled with my state of well being, I began using acupuncture and Oriental medicine as the primary solution for all my health concerns. I was counseled on how to change my diet. I chose to use herbal medicine instead of antibiotics. After smoking cigarettes for 10 years, I quit. Devotion to the principles of Oriental medicine not only put me on the road to good health, but offered a new perspective of what it means to be truly healthy and fulfilled.


~When working with patients, my approach is rooted in my own personal healing experiences and driven by compassion for the unique condition in every individual. I see healing as a multifaceted and multilayered endeavor, yet look to assess what avenues will benefit my clients and their concerns most.~ 


 Fueled by the life altering results from my personal experience with Chinese Medicine, I earned my Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012 and became a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Colorado in 2013. I furthered my education in anatomy and physiology by completing a year long apprenticeship in orthopedic acupuncture & sports medicine in 2014.  

From 2014-2019 I was an instructor at my alma mater, The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including instructor of a core curriculum class in acupuncture point location. I am a CCAOM (Council of Colleges of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine) certified instructor of the national Clean Needle Technique exam, an exam in which all prospective acupuncturists must pass to become eligible for certification by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine).

As my interest in the healing arts does not stop with Oriental medicine, I have additional trainings in functional medicine, functional blood analysis, injection therapy, and even a level 2 certification in Reiki.