Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is a comprehensive medical system 

Oriental Medicine is the theoretical foundation that provides a comprehensive medical system designed to diagnose, treat and prevent illness through the restoration of health. While the Oriental Medical practices of today are informed by the advances in modern medicine, it’s roots lie with the ancient Taoist sages who perceived health as the harmonious interaction of the bodies internal functions and the outside world. Disease is interpreted as disharmony between the two. Practitioners of Oriental Medicine are equipped to treat a wide variety of both common ailments and more difficult to treat diseases.

Oriental Medicine is both integrative and complimentary

Oriental Medicine is integrative, as it does not separate body, mind, or spirit. When seeking to treat disease, practitioner’s of Oriental Medicine look at the whole individual and take into account all factors that could be cause to disharmony and/or disease. Oriental Medicine is complimentary in that it may be used in conjunction with traditional allopathic practices, massage, chiropractics, etc.

Oriental Medicine is the toolbox, acupuncture is just one of the tools! 

Not only do practitioners of Oriental Medicine use acupuncture to treat disease, they are trained to make use of multiple facets to promote health and healing. Cupping, herbal medicine, nutritional advice and supplementation, and lifestyle counseling are all tools in the pocket of the Oriental Medicine practitioner.