Through holistic health services, A Fresh Health Perspective helps you find your way to a more integrated sense of well-being.

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My practice is rooted in my own personal healing experiences and driven by compassion for the unique condition in every individual. I see healing as a multifaceted and multilayered endeavor, and look to assess what avenues will benefit my clients and their concerns most.

My clients are more than patients; they are cherished people having a human experience full of physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. My goal is to ease and uplift whatever is burdening that experience.

My Values


Cultivating a caring and supportive environment that goes beyond traditional healthcare.


Providing heartfelt care and understanding through every step of the healing process while meeting my clients where they currently are in their life journey.


Fostering the strength and confidence for clients to actively participate in their wellness journey.

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I began my healing journey with alternative health care in 1997. Just out of undergraduate school, crippling anxiety coupled with unrelenting depression, frequent migraines, chronic sinus infections, poor digestion, and constant fatigue were making life almost unbearable. I initially sought help from our conventional Western medical system, and was met with an almost complete dismissal of my concerns. I was told “this is life and you should get used to it”. I knew that I had to find another way.

Unable to accept how awful I felt, I inquired about acupuncture, even though I knew nothing about it. Ironically, I was completely terrified of needles! Despite my fear and uncertainty however, I was desperate to feel better and somehow I knew there was a way to right all that felt wrong within myself. 

It didn’t take long for me to recognize the subtle ways in which I started to feel better. One by one, my health complaints fell away. Dis-ease was replaced with freedom from anxiety and depression, clearer skin, stronger nails, and healthier immunity. My body would actually crave the acupuncture treatments!

Enthralled with my state of well being, I began using acupuncture and Oriental medicine as the primary solution for all my health concerns. I was counseled on how to change my diet. I chose to use herbal medicine instead of antibiotics. After smoking cigarettes for 10 years, I quit. Devotion to the principles of Oriental medicine not only put me on the road to good health, but offered a new perspective of what it means to be truly healthy. 

While pursuing my first career, my enthusiasm for oriental medicine never left. When it came time to make a move to a career that was more meaningful I realized my calling to bring the healing power I received from oriental medicine to others in need.  

Now, at A Fresh Health Perspective, I offer more than just treatments. I provide a compassionate ear, having personally navigated the challenging terrains of emotional and physical upheaval. I share a journey with my patients, one where every step towards healing is celebrated. I’ve transitioned from a seeker of solutions to someone who provides them.With each patient, I strive to be more than just their healer; I aim to be a supportive companion on their path to wellness.

Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is the heart of my practice. A time tested and holistic approach to healing, this medicinal framework views the individual as an integrated whole rather than a dismembered set of separate systems. Its ancient roots lie with the ancient Taoist sages who perceived health as the harmonious interaction between the body’s internal functions and the outside world’s movements. This wisdom underpins our treatment of modern day disease; focusing not just on symptoms, but on the intricate interplay of body, mind, and spirit to restore harmony and vitality utilizing distinct diagnosis and treatment protocols.

Oriental Medicine is the toolbox, Acupuncture is just one of the tools.

Acupuncture offers precise, targeted interventions that stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. This practice, refined over millennia and practiced in hospitals in China today regulates  the body’s nervous system, increases blood flow, and stimulates the immune system to rebalance energies and promote overall well-being.

Chinese medical herbology may be used in conjunction with acupuncture to enhance the effects of treatment and support the body’s journey to balance. There are hundreds of herbs in the Chinese materia medica, many of which are utilized by today’s pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Our herbal remedies are carefully chosen to complement your unique constitution, providing a symbiotic boost to your healing process.

Cupping offers significant relief to areas of physical tension by drawing blood flow up through tight muscle and fascial tissue. Cupping also has the unique ability to help open the lungs when there is breathing difficulty from asthma or bronchial infection.

The combined clinical applications of Oriental medicine have the ability to offer therapeutic actions towards many of today’s modern ailments. Acupuncture and Oriental herbal medicine have recognized effects in treating the following conditions as well as many more: allergies, digestive disorders, fatigue, depression and/or anxiety, asthma, migraines, pain, addiction, diabetic neuropathy, side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, PMS and hormone related imbalances.

Orthopedic Acupuncture & Injection Therapy Can Assist Athletes and Everyday Aches/Pains:

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to have aches, pains, and injuries. Orthopedic acupuncture is a specific approach to regaining pain free mobility and performance in sports as well as everyday life. Regardless of your athletic ability, I am skilled at diagnosing and treating general aches and pains as well as the following specific conditions:

Acupoint injection therapy

Acupoint injection therapy is the stimulation of acupuncture and trigger points by the injection of either saline, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, glucose, and lidocaine or procaine. Adding injection therapy to this specialized way of treating musculoskeletal issues supercharges the treatment. These natural remedies nourish irritated and tight muscle issues, decrease inflammation, and soothe pain response without the undesirable side effects of steroids. In my office, I offer B12/Methylcobalamin injections alone or combined with saline and homeopathic remedies Traumeel and Zeel.

Functional Medicine testing

As Functional Medicine testing serves to uncover root causes of disease, I have found that the information provided through specific and targeted tests can be invaluable to unlocking whole health healing. In addition to providing integrated functional medicine testing when appropriate for established acupuncture clients, I also offer stand alone Functional medicine consulting. The following is a list of tests I most frequently use in my practice.

Labwork & Testing:


Psych-K is a process of identifying and changing self-limiting beliefs held within the subconscious mind that hold us back from living life to its fullest. The subconscious mind is the storehouse for our attitudes, values, and beliefs about ourselves and the world. It is what colors our perceptions and experiences, and is the silent director behind our habits and behaviors. Your subconscious beliefs have far reaching consequences that can affect mood, relationships, job performance, self-esteem, health, or financial stability...

The Good News Is You Can Change Your Beliefs!

The Psych-K process uses kinesiology, brain dominance theory, and neuroplasticity to identify and then change self-limiting beliefs. Thus, by changing your subconscious mindset you allow yourself the freedom to create the change you want to see in your daily life. Each session is an individualized 60-minute, in-person session held in my office.

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